Hannah completed her BA in Philosophy (May 2012) at Birkbeck College, supervised by Prof. Anthony Price. She was awarded the University of London degree with distinction and received the Cyril Joad Award for outstanding performance in finals. In January 2014 Hannah completed an MA in Political, Legal and Economic Philosophy with distinction at the University of Bern, Switzerland. In July 2015 she was awarded the BPhil at the University of Oxford where she was supervised by Prof. Terry Irwin. In September 2016 Hannah started an AHRC-funded PhD under the supervision of Prof. Sarah Broadie and Dr Barbara Sattler. Her full academic cv can be found here.

Hannah has been invited to give a talk at the 2018 Northern Association for Ancient Philosophy, to be held on 26 & 26 March at the Univeristy of Nottingham.

Past presentations include:

“Adriaen Koerbagh: radicaal Spinozist in Culemborg”:

  • De Roos van Culemborg, January 2018

“Aristotle’s nous: a purely potential actuality”:

  • Postgraduate Session of the Joint Session of the Aristotelian Society and the Mind Association, Edinburgh, 2017

Function as Essences: An Aristotelian Analysis of Aesthetic Artefacts‘:

An Eternal Part of the Body? Spinoza on Human Existence Beyond Life and Death‘:

Reconsidering Spinoza’s Rationalism‘:

Listen to


In her final year of her BA Hannah published a paper on Spinoza’s conception of human freedom in Stance.

She presented this paper at the 2012 Liverpool Undergraduate Philosophy Conference.

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